For anyone wondering what they can do to speed up the growth of their business and income, leverage your social media platforms… but tie it all in to one centralized hub, like this blog.

There are lots of ways to leverage the online space, but take for instance what I did to promote our next MDC event.

I recorded a video and immediately posted it to YouTube.  I then cross-posted the YT link on all of my social media channels:  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  

I then wrapped it all together on my blog so people will always be able to see my content, no matter what social platform they’re on.  

It’s not a matter of doing everything, it’s simply a matter of doing a little bit that maximizes your efforts.  

You don’t have to be a rock star on camera to succeed; in fact, if you look at lots of my videos, I’m behind the screen.

One thing to remember, video is the best way to invoke feelings, so keep that in mind when you’re building your brand and online presence.  

The bottom line is, these are all free strategies anyone can do.  

The personal relationship speeds things up by quite a factor.  

Don’t get so lost in the details you lose the personality touch.  People want and are looking for genuine people, so BE ONE.  

See how I’ve incorporated my own YouTube video promoting our upcoming webinar:

In success,


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