Work/Life Balance, or Work/Life Blend?

Work/Life Blend, my friends.

We cannot remove our work from our homes, and we cannot leave our home life at work, so why have we attempted to find this middle ground called balance? I’d like to offer my quick thoughts this evening as I challenge myself for living out my faith daily, in everything I do.

In our lives, as young children, we have been told to be politically correct, and I do understand, there is a time and place, but overall, I believe we have taken it so far the other way, that we are missing ample opportunities to witness to people! By witness, I don’t mean bring someone to salvation, but I simply mean heart-felt conversations in a world that screams, “Leave me alone!”

Let’s be real, don’t you like it when someone smiles at you when you meet them in passing?

You see, we are on social media to connect with people, but for the sake of connecting, why are we limiting the opportunity to connect with people that are more like us than we think?  

Be bold in who you are. 

Whether you have no faith, little faith or a lot of faith, I want to connect with you and grow with you. There’s no time for bashing people or calling people out, because that takes us away from true success.

You see, when it’s all said and done, and we are at our retirement party (if we get one), we will realize this, “It is not you people hold to a certain level, it is rather the position in which you are in.”  However, in that same token, what we will always have and take with us are the memories and relationships built along the way.

What are you doing today to build relationships that will cultivate memories?

My friends, let us all support each other, whether it be in person with those you work with, or in this great social online community, because we all need each other, whether we realize it or not!

In success,


P.S. I want raw and authenticity, so I write with limited edits, because I want my sincere emotions to resonate with the reader. Thank you for reading! I would be encouraged to hear your thoughts.

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