Take it and Run

The scam. The empty promise. The mlm. The get rich quick, the pyramid, network marketing it’s all bad. 


The real scam is getting up each morning for a job you aren’t fully vested in. The one that kicks you 5, 6, 7 days a week and you never get a break. The one that kicks you in the teeth about 3 pm on Sunday when y realize Monday is next. 

You can always find another job, but pretty soon that’s what it turns into, a job you’re not fired up about. 

The truth about corporate America is there is always someone at the top, there’s always someone making millions per year that take dream vacations and close business deals rolling off private jets. 

Yeah, it’s a lavish lifestyle. Why? 

They put in the hard work to get there. They sacrificed a lot to get a lot.

Yet, is there truly satisfaction? 🤯

Only ones at the top will know, and only some are willing to share. 

The one thing they don’t tell you about corporate America is that it’s shaped like a pyramid. ⛰

They always say get to the top but there aren’t always a lot of opportunities for growth. 

They say get the corporate job and everything will work out. 

It might… for a little while. Until you’re so deep under your head you can’t float. 

What you might not realize about network marketing is that it’s an inverse pyramid. 

You can make more money than the person that enrolled you. 

You work harder, you earn more. Period. 

You want training? You got it. 

You want products? You got it. 

You want to be paid weekly and monthly? You got it. 

You want a travel budget? You got it. 

You want free product? You got it. 

You want live zoom calls? You got it. 

You want to hang out with the coolest people everyday? You got it. 

You want freedom? You got it. 

You want to work in your pajamas one day? 

In a coffee shop one day? 

On a beach? 

In the mountains? 

In a suit? 

You got it. 

All you need is a 📱 You’ve got it. 

Let’s chat.


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