From the LeadershipCollab2019 to ThriveCon2019 to hearing Richard Williams (my dad) speak at church this morning, this week wasn’t simply about representing RightNow Media, it was also a divine appointment to make relationships and get a #soulcheck. Flying into San Diego Sunday, I didn’t realize what would take place. From meeting people looking to serve the Kingdom through the marketplace to my own spiritual journey, it was an awesome time. 

In your life, as you open yourself up to interactions and communicate with others, even a simple “hello,” you have an opportunity to step into a heart felt conversation. In today’s world, we thrive on individualism, but the reality is, we are deeply longing for #connection. I saw that this week, and see how it affects your well being. Whether your spiritual or not, we all have a void… something within us that longs for more than 💰 🚙 and nice 🏡. We want to feel loved and connected. Relationships are a two way street and I’ll be the first to tell someone to reach out, but reality is, those people are waiting on you! 😲 

Just like anything else, there is a ‘conference high,’ but I will be taking one practical thing at a time to apply to my life. Here are some quick thoughts to wrap up: 

💥Faith doesn’t have to be weird. It’s just a relationship. How far are you going to take it? 

💥Face to face is always better. 

💥Create value and be vested in other people. They want someone to hear them out. 

💥Laugh, it’s great for the soul. 

💥Live in freedom, not fear. 

💥Shake it off. 

💥Rehearse to release. 

💥Be still.

💥Listen and respond. 

💥Anger leads to distraction.

💥Peace comes from understanding. 

💥Phone a friend. 


In success,


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