When used correctly.

It’s a place of relationships being fostered, ideas being shared and collaboration resulting in action.

Platforms such as #LinkedIn, where we can come together in an environment that has differences, yet presents them in a way that paves a way for discussion.

I’ll always remember at Northeastern State University when we had an open forum to talk about real issues that were happening, both locally, at the state and national level.

You see, when individuals get together, even coming from a different perspective, it allows us to learn…

Not meaning we change our whole world based upon what someone else says, but taken in the right perspective,

We enable growth within.

Little things add up to big things.





Let them fall!


P.S. Here’s a quick workout for you; always consult your doctor and know your body! This is only a recommendation!

  • Arm Circles (Fwd/Bkd 1×25)
  • Jumping Jacks 1×50
  • In Pairs
    • Set 1
      • Split Lunges (R/L) x25
      • Crunches x25
    • Set 2
      • Burpees x25
      • Scissors x25
    • 2x thru

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