There is only ONE online marketing strategy. REALLY. It’s like watching a baseball game and seeing the All-star throw the game winning K. You don’t see him busting it in the weight room, running sprints, eating healthy and sacrificing his body to perform at the highest level, but you DO see him get the win! That’s what the online success strategy is – it’s merely tactic! Facebook ads, groups, chatbots, Instagram, YouTube, marketing funnels, webinar scripts—all tactics.

NONE of it works if the universal online success strategy isn’t behind it, where it will always be found if a campaign is actually effective.

A Classic Marketing Strategy

At its core is this: a person (like me and you) starts small in order to break even on the ads upfront and begin to generate profits, so then you’re able to scale and bring in additional profits through automation.

Marketing Without It Is NOT an Option

Most people don’t get it. And their results show it. Those in various home-based businesses, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and even a lot of the struggling coaches, consultants, online course creators and the like usually miss all this entirely. Some stumble into it over time, through trial and error. Others observe well, and are able to model what all successful online entrepreneurs are actually doing.

Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, Sam Ovens, Mike Klingler, Mike Dillard, Robyn Lynn, and even the older generation like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield — they all do the same exact thing. And it’s exactly what those who struggle don’t do. They apply ALL of these together.


  • Build a list
  • Set it up so relationships are growing through automation
  • Automate the marketing and sales
  • Use Cashflow optimization to incrementally increase what they earn per lead and customer
  • Have multiple streams of income generated on the ‘back-end’ (which means automating more offers being sold to their list)
  • Track what they earn per lead and customer
  • Test, re-test, and incrementally increase what they earn per lead

If you’re not doing that, THAT is what you need to learn how to do.

The Premier Marketing Tool

The best all-in-one solution to put all this together is: Kartra. Yes, there are other tools out there that will suffice for certain things, but if you’re like me and desire a solid solution for marketing online without breaking the bank, you’ll understand why I choose Kartra in my next post, How to Market Anything.

Use what the pros use: find out how the marketers and business owners will learn to revolutionize the game by joining me in this detailed, two hour class. My teammates, Mike and Robyn, will break it all down to show the math on tracking critical details like your Average Lead Value, and exactly how all the top marketers increase that lead value through one or more Cashflow Optimization steps. Coming soon!

Continue onto the next post in this series: How to Marketing Anything

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