MyGoCards have proven to be very successful in my new ventures. As an entrepreneur, I need to catch the eye and stand out, but I’m not going to do that by handing a paper business card! Individuals you meet do not want something ‘extra’ to keep up with to get in touch with you; they want direct access to you and the product and/or service you provide.

Did you know 88% of paper business cards are thrown in the trash within three days of being handed to someone? The remaining 12% are forgotten, left or missing in action! In this article, I am going to discuss the top four reasons in which I chose MyGoCards.

Why I Chose MyGoCards

  1. Always in My Pocket.
  2. Generate Leads | People Apply
  3. Promote & Share
  4. YOUnique & Up to Date

Always with You

It never fails when I had paper cards, I would leave home without them, or I would be in a situation when I had no extras. It is completely awkward to say to someone, “I don’t have my business cards, because I forgot them.” So you don’t say it of course! But, you do however, feel terrible and lose the momentum in the conversation. Now, I do not have to worry about it, because they are on my phone 24/7. With a click of a button, I can directly share via text or email to my potential client. They can then immediately download my card and save to their home screen (more on that in a moment).

Generate Leads | People Apply

Paper business cards do not have the functionality to create custom opt-ins or custom forms so that you’re vetting the prospects even before they reach out. I now have a form for business leaders wanting to care for their employees, and I also have a form for people who want to increase their business prospects by brand awareness and with heightened marketing efforts.

Make people apply to be your client; the days of begging are over!

How would you like it if someone applied to be your client? It would be pretty sweet, right? Of course, prospecting is cool, but don’t wait on the golden egg, go after it! When people like you, they’ll do business with you. Set up the system that will work for you 24/7, not only when you’re awake!

Promote & Share

When was the last time you gave 10 business cards to your top 20 clients? Probably never! With MyGoCards, I can now do what I do best – build relationships and provide solid services and allow MyGoCard to do the work. Because of MyGoCards innovative technology, it promotes easy sharing and building referrals. I’ve actually used this feature first hand on numerous occasions.

YOUnique & Up to Date

Now, some of you reading this are hesitant to eliminate paper business cards cold turkey, and that is okay, because MyGoCards allows you to generate a QR code for easy promotion! So, if you would like to order your free paper cards from another company and print the QR code directly to your GoCard, you can most certainly do that as well.

However, the biggest feature I appreciate about MyGoCards is that they are always up to date. By that, you could change the layout of your card every day if you wanted! You are not barred by the paper business cards any longer. Color schemes, layout, landing pages, opt-in forms, unique pages and sub-pages, introduction videos and the direct sharing feature, you are able to maximize your personality into these virtual business cards.

The Long and Short

24/7 access, the ability to generate leads by having people apply to be my customer, promotion and sharing by one click and being YOUnique and up to date, MyGoCards is a positive investment for me.

The Investment

You are able to purchase MyGoCards for $150 per year, or you have the option to become an affiliate for $199.95 per year. With 5 billion people having access to a cell phone, I want people to be able to contact me with the push of a button. To me, it is well worth the investment. I’ll leave it up to you, so learn more about the cards of the future by checking out my own MyGoCard.

In success,


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