Dreaming of the 24/7 Lovestyle

I have always been told and reminded to ‘Document the journey,’ and I honestly believe it is the best way for us to maintain a sincere focus our current state of:  where we are, where we desire to go, and a blueprint for where we have been.

You see, when you make it to your destination, the memories begin to fade, but when they are documented, you are able to relive the blood, sweat and tears that got you there.  So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my journey!

I’ve always been one to break out of the status quo; unique ways to make money, like recycling aluminum cans, or one time, when I posted on Craigslist, ‘Will come pick up your metal…’ I was that guy!  And it worked! People responded to my public service announcement. Why? Because I made myself known, and I was present!  

There are two things you must remember, and here it goes:

First, people don’t care about what you know until they know you care, and Second, they must know about what you know! 

Without a presence on social media and the glorious world of the internet, people do not know you, your idea or business exists.  I hate to break the harsh reality, (you might already know) but if you are not fully vested into online branding, creation and value, your audience will move on before you can blink. 

I digress.  😀  

Honestly, I believe I have God-given talents and abilities, but I’m never going to press into them unless I allow myself to thrive in the environments in which I am in.  Let us check into some of Addison’s top qualities (you should do this too).

Addison’s qualities:

  • I am a family man (or so my wife says). 🙂
  • I love teaching, mentoring and coaching (hence why I coach select baseball for Baseball Nation).  
  • I love connecting people to people and to solutions that allow them to be productive and successful.
  • I love promoting quality products that people will use!  (My list)

What’s the point?

I’ve never felt nor desired the pull for the 9-5 lifestyle.  It is much more the fight for the 24/7 lovestyle.

What are you doing to propel yourself into your best life? 

The 9-5 lifestyle fits the mold for lots of people, but I’m one of the percenters that loves the challenge and nature of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  I’ve been successful in monetary ways, but it didn’t quite fill me up. There will always be another product people love more than the one you are promoting…  I enjoy the thrill of networking and finding solutions for people, but again, it is a piece to a much larger strategy. 

This much larger strategy is the vision board for your life.  What fires you up in the mornings? What do you think about when you go to sleep at night?  

Is it,

  • Writing the book you’ve always wanted to?
  • Start a podcast because you have words of wisdom to impart on the world?
  • Begin a blog to ensure people have the opportunity to hear from someone that is/has been through the exact pain or life experiences you have?
  • Finally returning to school to obtain the degree you’ve always wanted?
  • Marrying the boy/girl of your dreams and starting a family?

Whatever it is, you have one thing nobody else has:  your unique DNA. Nobody else can live your life but you.  My point is this, you must take your ‘no good mindset’ and toss it to the birds.  Live your life how you want to live it (within reason and legally), but go after those dreams and aspirations you have.  The last thing I want to personally do, is to live this life 80% and leave my gifts on the table.  

My friends and I have created a system I never thought was possible*, and because of the system, I finally understand what it means to be successful, not only online, but in the real world.  

You see, people are looking for solutions to their problems.  People are looking for YOU. 

Think Outside the Status Quo. We have one shot, so make your move.

In success,


*I didn’t think it was possible because I’d never been exposed to the reality of teachers and mentors that want me to truly thrive and drive my own life – what I want to do and how I want to impact others.  Self-help only goes through and to the mind. A system and learning map that puts your will into action for proven results, that is what makes everything possible.  

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