You may have heard the story of how Mike (my business partner) stumbled onto a marketing strategy over 25 years ago that’s still being used today in nearly every successful marketing campaign you see online.

He was just getting started in business selling nutrition. He recalled learning about a strategy he heard about years earlier on a late-night infomercial. The guy on the informercial claimed that if you could create just one good classified ad — even if it just does a little better than breaking even — you could make big profits by placing that winning ad in hundreds of publications.

So Mike Gave It a Try…

He placed a tiny ad selling kids’ nutritional supplements in parent publications. He made tweaks to it until he found a winning ad. It barely made a profit, but when he duplicated it across hundreds of publications it began to multiply.

But the initial returns alone weren’t enough – the list made it work. Buyers who liked the product, began trusting him and were coming back for more, so naturally, he could promote more products without paid advertising. This is where the magic happened. Mike was creating value, and the customers were satisfied.

Hint: That’s How It Still Works Today

This is still the main success strategy online now. You don’t necessarily make enough money immediately selling whatever it is you’re selling. You make it on the “back-end” with the list.

A lack of understand about this simple yet profound step is why most people fail, even when they were initially on track to succeed. Like me, before meeting Mike and Robyn, I did not understand the online strategy, and I gave up in network marketing when I wasn’t creating value online, as my friends had already checked out, and I did not want bug them… overrated, right? Exactly! When you create the system, this is when your lead value increases to the point of covering all business and living expenses, allowing you to position yourself for scale.

It’s all about multiple streams of income.

Every Successful Online Influencer Uses It

Every successful coach, consultant, course creator, influencer, author, speaker, affiliate marketer and entrepreneur using online marketing is employing the success strategy Mike used 25 years ago offline.


Building a big list, Selling online, automating everything to scale up fast… it’s not a mystery. It’s a specific strategy. And it’s the same strategy every time. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Facebook, Instagram, chatbots, Kartra, Clickfunnels, webinars, whatever… if it’s working, it’s because the success strategy is in play.

One of the key components of the online success strategy is Cashflow Optimization. Without this, you got nothin’. There can be no consistent growth or reliable cashflow without it.

Cashflow Optimization is KEY to Successful Marketing

If you’re marketing but you’re not tracking what each lead is worth to you (Average Lead Value) then you’re literally flying blind. You will not increase what you’re earning per lead without any element of control. You cannot work toward the zero-cost ad strategy (where sales are covering your ad costs like Mike did with selling those kids’ nutritional supplements 25 years ago). That means you can’t scale up! You can’t hit your income targets.

Without tracking Average Lead Value and employing cashflow optimization, you are clueless about how to improve results. And that right there explains how most people are marketing. No wonder so many fail.

Taking Control Of What You Earn!

You simply cannot expect great results without tracking lead value and employing Cashflow Optimization so you can take control over making more and more money with each lead you have coming in.

Here’s a snapshot taken from a class my business partners created that lists out these Cashflow Optimization steps. These are the 5 ways to increase your lead value so you can take control of what you earn.

(Insert screenshot here – you will be provided with this in an upcoming class)

Again, to be able to implement this you need a marketing funnel system as we talked about in the previous article. I suggest using Kartra as your tool-of-choice because it has everything you need all in one place.

In our next article, we’ll delve deeper into how you track your lead value and then incrementally increase what you earn with Cashflow Optimization.

Keep going as we walk you through it and you’ll be able to increase your cashflow with as much skill and control as you can drive a car.

In success,


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