If you want your online marketing to make you a lot more money…

And you want absolute control over hitting your income targets…

Then you MUST focus on tracking your Average Lead Value and Average Customer Value.

Average Lead & Customer Value

Your Average Lead or Average Customer Value is just what it sounds like… It’s what each lead or customer – on average – earns you.

Your goal is to track these values so you start testing to increase it.

Let’s be clear… You cannot market effectively if you’re skipping this process. And that’s exactly what most are doing and why they struggle in their business.

There are 5 things you can do to directly increase these values.

One you start tracking your lead and customer value, you can apply Cashflow Optimization to increase what you earn. This is precisely how you take complete control over the steering wheel of your income.

This Applies to ALL Business Types…

You might be an author, coach, consultant, agency, network marketer or affiliate marketer — it doesn’t matter WHAT you’re doing, you’re not going to make it if you can’t incrementally increase what you earn per lead and customer.

So if you’re serious about your goals, whatever they may be, and you plan to leverage the Internet to accomplish those goals, it’s not a question of IF you should be tracking your lead value. The only question is… “Where do I start?”

How to Start Tracking Your Lead Value So You Can Take the Wheel of Your Income

First, you need a marketing funnel system.

Don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t.

Reality: If anyone is doing well online, but they’re telling you funnels are out of style, they have a funnel of their own but not putting it in the limelight. Every. Single. Time.

You are unable to track your lead value or increase what you earn with any level of predictability without a marketing funnel. Said another way…

You cannot win in business without a marketing funnel. Period.

So What Exactly is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is an automated process that attracts people to what you offer, educates them about it, and makes it easier for them to buy.

Within that funnel you get to add more quality offers, and test different parts of the process to consistently improve what funnel earns you.

To set-up a marketing funnel system you have two options:

1. Set the marketing funnel system up on your own WordPress site (you’re on a WordPress site now)

2. Use a system like Kartra.

* We use both WordPress and Kartra but you could just choose one. We’ll return to how to know which one to choose.

Let’s Look Closer at the Marketing Funnel & How it Automates Income (While Allowing You to Increase Income with Predictability and Control)

The marketing funnel consists of a number of pages and components. Below are the most important to consider to help you quickly understand how it all works…

Lead Capture Page

This is where you drive your traffic and collect leads. This could be their email address, or it could include answers to questions that will lead them to the appropriate product and service they need that YOU provide. By giving them something of value, they give you something of value in return – their email address. This then allows you to automate a follow-up process that builds a relationship!

People don’t care about what you know until they know you care!

Lead Magnet

This is something you offer the prospect for free (or low cost) so they give you their email. The Lead Magnet is something useful to your prospect in the form of a webinar, ebook, pdf, or video.

Landing Page

This is where the person lands after entering their email. This is important to the funnel because this is where you place the Ad Tracking pixel or other ‘traffic pixel’ so your system can track where your leads are coming from and how various marketing is performing. Doing this doesn’t just tell you which ads or social media marketing is performing best, which is obviously important, but it also allows you to test and improve many areas of the funnel. Tracking is the key to incrementally increasing what you earn and improving automation so you can apply less and less effort to do it.


Now you can track which Lead Capture Pages (and other pages) are bringing you the best results. You can test different “Lead Magnets” to see which produces more leads or people who are much more apt to purchase. You can test different sales pages or email follow up sequences. Your marketing now moves from being a guessing game to you knowing exactly what to do to increase your results on a regular basis. Kartra makes this simpler to do than ever before in the history of the Internet, but you can also do this using WordPress along with a tool called ClickMagick to accomplish all this.

Cashflow Optimization

Once you have tracking in place, which is nothing more than using tracking tools at key locations within your marketing funnel, you can employ Cashflow Optimization. These are five simple steps that allow you to literally increase what you earn at will.

With a marketing funnel and tracking in place, you can now write your own ticket by applying Cashflow Optimization. You’re now able to see what you earn per lead and customer, and more important, see if a simple change to anywhere within your funnel has increased what you earn per lead or not. If so, keep it and try another Cashflow Optimization step. If not, scratch it. It’s how you ensure you earn more and more with less and less effort. You remove the guesswork and become a pro!

You can’t fail if you implement it. Why? Because the data tells you what to do.

In success,


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