Intent based branding is a basic marketing strategy where you build yourself into a brand while also selling solutions to your clients. Its purpose is to build a bond and a relationship with a large audience while upscaling your sales process and attracting loyal customers.

Frank Kern would say, “It is the future of advertising as we know it.” Now you can learn the how and why of intent based branding from Frank, but that will cost you around $2800 per month. Yeah right!!! Let’s talk about a realistic way to capture your audience by utilizing the method in a more common approach and apply it to work with any opportunity, business, program, or product.

How Do You Put This Into Action?

You start by identifying what your audience’s needs are, what results they
are currently getting, and what results they desire. Remember to be specific
to you niche or product line and give them immediate steps to take. Then
you are able to determine the exact type of value content that is going to
provide the most value to your ideal prospect. I repeat, you can only do this effectively if you know your audience and their needs.

You can now start to provide this value to your audience for free with no
expectation of anything in return. This builds the foundation for the
relationship to blossom later. Yes, Make your intention to help, for no other
reason than you want to help. If you do so by providing value, others will
choose on their own to pay you for that. People like paying for value. Sounds simple, but is often overlooked.

Now, Build A Bond

This model involves creating value based videos to run in ad form on social
media, but that are not a sales ad per say. These videos help create a warm market, that you then will eventually present your sales offer to, in a
separate re-targeted add, but one that does not break the bond you’ve
established. This is a form of Behavioral Adaptive Marketing, which can be
extremely powerful.
Our bond or relationship with our audience is two-fold. There’s a bond on the surface level and then a deeper more important bond. When you’re creating your content, me mindful of the surface bond. Initial impressions do matter.
Try to make your content appealing and of good quality, which get’s easier
over time, but don’t dwell on this too much.
It is the deeper bond that is most important. There’s no better way to
establish that than to just be your authentic true self. Its just easier that
way. And it translates better with your audience. (More on this to come

Creating the Emotional Bond

Your content needs to have an emotional impact on your audience to build a relationship with them. A great way to do that is through longer form video, in a story telling format.
We stick to our core messaging, as we weave in personal experiences and
other story telling methods that our ideal prospects can relate to. Identifying their problems and identifying the solutions along the way. Slick ad copy and flashiness don’t accomplish this nearly as well as just being authentic and honestly trying to help.

Intent Based Branding Action Plan

So, to summarize, by applying intent based branding, we first identify the
problems faced by our ideal prospect. We then create content that helps
take them from a place of not getting the results they want, to getting those
results, with our help. This content, that provides value and actually helps
them, for free, establishes a relationship and a bond. All the while proving
that we can offer solutions to their problems and help them get the results
that they want.
Only then do we present them with our offer, while maintaining a strong
emotional bond, thereby creating a loyal customer who will seek us out
because we have already proven we can help.
That’s my definition of intent based branding. A very powerful marketing
tool, overlooked by many. A means of selling anything you want with
integrity. After all, don’t we all want what we are selling to actually help
Start with that goal in mind and you will be on the right track to applying
this powerful strategy yourself. A strategy that I strongly feel should be an
integral part of any marketing system. I know it is with mine!

So let’s break down this type of branding in a way that is actionable for us
all. The overall process is this: We take a prospect/potential customer from a
place of where they are not getting the results they want, to a place where
they are, with our help, by giving them immediate steps to take.

In success,


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