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As a business owner and entrepreneur, you must hone in on your skills to propel your business forward, but there are some tasks others do exceptionally well and you have that at your fingertips with Fiverr.

With Fiverr, you are able to find low cost solutions, an average range of $5 to $50, for any task you need completed to run your business effectively. My team and I have used Fiverr for logos, backlinks, and transcription in preparation and launch of Profit Platform. However, that’s not all. See below for an extensive list of the services people on Fiverr provide:

  • Graphics and Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Gaming

As an entrepreneur, I know and understand money needs to be allocated effectively and efficiently, and there is no need to spend $5,000 on a logo or animated design when you can research, review and choose a freelancer from Fiverr to do the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

Do you want to maximize social media but do not have the time? Hire someone else to create posts and videos for you! 6-figure earners have figured it out, now it is time to take your business to the next level. Leave the tasks to others while you focus on the responsibilities of running your own business.

The internet has made it super simple to build a business tapping into others for a fraction of the cost; I cannot state it enough. Let’s talk about the logo for a moment before we go. I’ve provided instructions below on 1) How to use Fiverr, and 2) how and who I used for my logo. Fiverr user jassybaby1 hooked me up… for $10!

My favorite color is blue, but I would suggest utilizing a different color scheme and font, as she can practically work with anything. For now, this was a basic logo for me to place on by blog to begin branding myself.

Here’s how to find the person who did the logo for me:

Get a Free Account on Fiverr Here and Check It Out

Then get an account at Fiverr (free and fast set-up).

Then find this person…

Fiverr user: jassybaby1

Choose the $10 price and when you write her let her know you’d like a logo just like mine. Feel free to show her an example of this blog ( and remind her she made mine along with many others affiliated with Profit Platform. She is awesome, so tell her you’d like one like mine and with a different color variation.

Graciously, she allowed me to revise the first logo, so she is willing to make it right. This is essential for freelancers, so Jassybaby1 is a good one to find! If she is no longer with Fiverr at the time of writing this post, you will be able to search many more within your budget and will find someone qualified for the job.

Why do I use Fiverr?

There are unlimited options for business owners to delegate tasks and remain focused on the responsibilities of running a business. I encourage you to use Fiverr and take advantage of the ability to tap into others’ mad skills while on a tight budget getting your business off the ground. Now go have some fun!

In success,


AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: This post does have active affiliate links. That means if you click on one of those links and make a purchase, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen do click, thanks! Any compensation received goes back into the production of more quality posts and insight.  And P.S. I’m ALWAYS here to help.

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