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You have heard me frequent the Online Success Strategy, and for good reason, because without it, you become lost in a shuffle of, ‘Try this, and do that!” By following the Online Success Strategy, you are able to track your leads and sales conversions, which is essential in online marketing!

To be clear, you can’t track sales conversions if you focus entirely on selling affiliate products. You can only track sales conversions if you sell your own products or services. This is because affiliate sales pages aren’t in your control (so you can’t place a tracking pixel on those pages).

So if you sell affiliate products (and not your own products or services), you will only track lead conversions. But that’s vitally important to making great money in affiliate marketing.

ClickMagick Helps You With This Essential Task

ClickMagick is a tool specifically designed to help you track how effective a marketing campaign is working. By placing a tracking pixel on your landing page, for example (the page a person lands on after they opt into your email list), it is able to tell you how well a particular lead capture page is working in comparison to others you may be split-testing. The tracking pixel allows you to know where the leads are originating, whether that be from Facebook or YouTube.

Important! You Don’t Need ClickMagick if You’re Using Kartra

You really only need ClickMagick if you’re using a blog to house your marketing funnel system. If you’re using Kartra to support your marketing funnel needs, it will have all the tracking tools you need. That’s why I have fully integrated my online system into Kartra. It has saved me lots of time and money in building my complete system! For those getting started, ClickMagick might, however, be the system for you!

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