Are you in?

It’s amazing to me how fast the world is turning around in the world of business. What I’m specifically talking about is affiliate marketing.

There’s a reason all the big players are turning on and to affiliate marketing programs.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, affiliate marketing is simply getting a commission on referring a product through online means (like clicking a link). It’s at no additional cost to the consumer, but you get rewarded. Who doesn’t want to be paid for referring awesome things to their friends?

Here is where people get it wrong!

-> They don’t market things they actually use, OR they spam their social media feeds, OR they chase anything and everything with no direction given. In short, they aren’t learning from someone who’s done it and succeeded, they’re simply googling the “next best teacher.”

The point is not to go rocket 🚀 ship fast with no direction, but it’s to connect with people who know what they’re talking about, and are willing to teach, help and better equip you to win.

When people focus on you, the student, getting rewarded, rather than themselves, that’s when magic starts to happen.

🚨 What are you working on to help others win today? 🚨


P.S. If you’re interested in learning how we operate, check out our free class here. Yep! It’s an affiliate link. Why? Because I love it, it speaks truth and you will learn from it. The best part about it, it is something you can take with you even if you don’t ever come back to this blog.

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