Affiliate marketing has been around a long time. It’s a multi-billion dollar online sales force. But unless you’re actually in “affiliate marketing,” you probably have no idea how you can use it to quickly turn a struggling business into a profitable leads and sales machine.

There are actually two ways affiliate marketing can save your bottom line. And it works for nearly any product or niche.

Affiliate Marketing Cashflow

Businesses need a constant stream of high-quality leads who are interested in your niche (what you’re offering). However, most businesses fall short because they are unable to afford the advertising required to generate that stream of leads. Or, if they are attempting free marketing methods, they can’t afford the time required to generate enough leads to see high enough profits.

Affiliate Marketing Solution

But what if you could be profiting, or at least breaking even, before you ever presented what you’re actually selling?

Imagine having hundreds or even thousands of new people every day coming through your marketing and sales pipeline, being introduced to your sales offer(s) who have already purchased from you even before they got there! That is the key to winning online. You must get paid to build your list. This allows you to cover ad costs or get far more revenue from the same lead and customer from free marketing strategies that cost time.

And that’s what affiliate marketing can do for your sales funnel.

How it works:

You find a product that is related to what you sell on an affiliate network like Click Bank or JVZoo, or one of the other affiliate networks.

Certainly, choosing a great affiliate product is key to your success with this strategy, and we can help you choose the right product. But let’s stay focused on the strategy for now so you get the power and simplicity of it.

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You create an ad campaign that targets an audience that is interested in the affiliate product you selected. This can be on Facebook, YouTube, Google or Bing, or any other ad network.

The ad takes people to a lead capture page, where you tease the prospect with a headline and video that lets them know what problem you can help them solve if they enter their email and continue into your marketing funnel.

Ideally, you’ll then send them into a landing page where you offer some value and start to build the relationship. But the ultimate goal is to quickly recommend the affiliate product that already has a high converting sales page so you can start generating commissions ASAP, the moment the prospect enters your funnel.

Increasing Revenue

By using this model, and offering additional affiliate offers through email, you increase the revenue generated on each lead. Your Average Lead Value and Average Customer Value increases dramatically. Now you can present your own business’s offers to your audience, and you have turned a struggling business into a cashflow machine.

We call this a system for predictable cashflow.

Of course, eventually you can build your own sales pages that convert, but if you have a struggling business you may not have the time or resources to put all that together in the short run. So, for now, affiliate marketing for business cashflow is a viable option!

In success,


Become a Kartra Affiliate to Generate Thousands in Monthly Commissions

We’ll Build You a Blog for $99 and Show You How to Generate Free Leads!

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