Do you ever wonder why companies throw out competitions for likes, retweet’s and winnings? Affiliate marketing and campaigns are the new wave of engagement – people are more likely to trust their friends about a great product than a complete stranger. The new wave of affiliate marketing and campaigns to drive leads is upon us. Businesses must be proactive and ahead of the curve!

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We always talk about our favorite movies, restaurants, vehicles, shoes, and oh yeah, EVERYTHING ELSE, so it’s brilliant that companies are starting to use #affiliate marketing and #campaigns to draw people in. In this instance, we are only talking about the positive referrals, but how may sweepstakes and giveaways have you participated in on social media when you:

  • Like this post.
  • Follow this account.
  • Share with three friends.

I’m sure too many to count, because I know I have! All it’s doing is raising brand awareness, but more importantly, it is offering an opportunity for you to WIN. We all want to win!

Watch & take notes ladies and gents, entrepreneurs, and soon-to-be rock stars, because UpViral and social sharing will change the game for online businesses. It’s not about quick results, it’s about producing a quality product that GETS results! 

The key to winning a game is momentum; the question is, how bad do you want to win? 

My friends and I in Profit Platform have teamed up with the guys from UpViral… if you haven’t heard of them, you should check them out here. While the left brain thinks more logically, the right brain thinks on emotion, but I’ll tell you, with this software, I’m seeing red all the way!

How many times have you seen something like this?

How many times have you shared something like this? 🙂 Catch my drift? It’s all in psychology and the way we interact with people naturally. Use it to your advantage and see what happens to your following.

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