Dad introduced me to power players in the online game.

I have mentioned Profit Platform before, but in this post I’d like to talk about the people behind the scenes that have made it all happen. First, I’d like to introduce Richard Williams, my father, who raised me to be independent and thrive in whatever situation I find myself in. Daddio is actually the man who set me up with Mike Klinger and Robyn Linn in November of 2018. Little did I know my world would be changed! Let me explain:

Back in November, I thought dad and I were going to get into a direct sales company and promote it online through social media advertising and funnels – we did. Little did I know how quickly the focus would shift to actually learning the ins and outs of online marketing for any business when introduced to Mike and Robyn. These two are the brains behind Profit Platform, but even more so, giving us the tools, resources and learning system to thrive in our own business ventures.

In a very short amount of time, we have started a Facebook page, become very active on social media (even more so), started a blog, and have begun to turn leads into success stories. The people behind the scenes who not only work for us through Profit Platform, but the community is hands-down the most positive, upbeat environment I’ve been in. It’s easy to say you have a ‘million-dollar idea,’ but you must have the appropriate tools and resources to get there. We are working to revolutionize the online and physical business ventures while you work on doing what you do best – build relationships and close deals.

Crossing the Bridge

I’ve been familiar with ClickFunnels through friends and other businesses, but once connected with Mike and Robyn, I was quickly introduced to a resource that blows the competition out of the water: Kartra. Creators Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins blew me away with their sophisticated approach to revolutionize the online marketing game. It’s not enough to focus on funnels, there must be an all-inclusive platform to win at business – website integration, funnels, campaigns, drips, sales pages, sales, thank you pages, ‘Happy Whatever Day’ greetings… You must have a system in place to bring your relationship to life with your customers! I’ve also provided the Kartra intro below as well. You will want to get this on your radar, because we are on the verge of a mass breakthrough, and you do not want to miss out.

It is easy to promote one tool over another, draw you into a funnel to purchase the system, but there is no legitimate teaching. I will say, Mike and Robyn have poured their hearts and souls into this project.. FOR ME, measly me! [I believe that’s a greater story in and of itself] In order to be successful, you must be taught, and Profit Platform is the place to be if you’re ready to break the status quo and finally escape your own prison.

What does this mean? Why should I even consider Profit Platform and this software called Kartra? I’ll tell you why.

The millions of home based business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, authors, speakers and coaches who follow ‘gurus’ will suddenly be interested in following you, getting on your list and purchasing what you recommend because you are walking them through a system that has been broken for quite some time. You will begin to increase their revenue, solve their marketing problems faster, easier and for a fraction of the cost they are forking out at the current moment.

Are you tracking?

If you want to build a big list and generate mega cashflow, your goal is to become really attractive to a hungry audience. The hungriest audience that pays the most are business owners and marketers.

You have a rare opportunity to become even more valuable to them than most of the ‘gurus’ out there by simply knowing about Kartra. And this is what I, along with Mike Klingler, Robyn Linn and the Profit Platform system, are going to teach you to do — to become ultra-valuable; to ethically gain leads, customers and commissions from the lazy gurus out there who are marketing “one-stop-shops” for an easy buck.

We must put an end to the endless array of $1,000 courses that do not actually “teach” anything. Granted, the courses are valuable, but in order to truly succeed, you must understand how and why it works the way it does. Otherwise, the shiny object syndrome will always have ahold of you. For a business, agency, organization, sole proprietor to be successful, one must understand their audience. Currently, the audience is in need of a Savior, one who can come in, be a light, and enable them through quality products with a legitimate price tag. With Profit Platform, a lead generation & sales conversion system, Kartra and our help, you are going to show people how to save big while making a lot more money!

Need a product?

Additionally, we’re going to let you/them sell our products that reveal to everyone exactly what’s going on and how they can capitalize. So, you can earn commissions by spreading goodwill, all the while building your list and promoting what you want on the backend. My teammates and I have scoured the internet looking for resources that not only help, but explode your business with streamlined precision. I’ve provided our top recommendations here.

Let the Games Begin!

While many will be slow to change, you have a window of opportunity to gain the upper hand. Those who follow what we’re doing early will be on top of it.

This is a rare opportunity in the online space. Seize it! You don’t have to buy Kartra now. That’s not why we want you to watch that video. We want you to start learning what is shaking in the online space. You can choose to get Kartra when the time is right. But for now – Learn what we’re teaching you here.

This is really, really BIG.

So, to see that video, visit Kartra by clicking here.

To learn more about what we’ve got going on with Mike Klingler, visit our system – Profit Platform.

Your advocate,


P.S. There is more coming, so I’d keep a close eye out on what else is brewing, because it’s going to be sweet.

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